Saturday, May 17, 2008

2008- Prodigal

Well, people ask me to do more Bounty of Dragons songs, and so I did. Kindly go ahead and laugh at the stupidity of a cartoon metalcore music video, hee hee. Enjoy. So here it is:

PRODIGAL (small)

Video Rating 9+ (but the audio rating is still 16,..... damn)

Clips Taken From:
Animated Bible Cartoons- The Prodigal Son
Japan Christmas Concert 1993

Forsook his birthright, took 2 bags of gold,
He headed for the town, he ran away from home.

Stepped on, run over, torn in two with a knife your back
Ripped off, forgotten, stripped naked with no clothes on your back
Regret, remorse, a pound of flesh they took by force
All spent, all done, no rest for a prodigal son

Repent and go back to your home
You’ve been with dinning with swine too long
Go home and beg your father forgiveness
For the famine surely will kill you

So used, so broke, left out for the cutthroats
So guilty, so his fault, can’t blame anyone but himself
Repented, apologetic, ashamed he headed back home
All spent, all done, headed home the prodigal son

Oh God of mercy God of grace
I’ve been like the prodigal son
I’ll come back if you’ll have me
I beg forgiveness
His father killed the fatted calf
Declared his son alive again
Restored his position in his kingdom
Forgave him all his sins


cruz said...

omg! you did it! haha! i'll have to watch this!

Neo said...

That's the general idea. heh

cruz said...

neo, i got such a kick out of this! well done! keep it up!

Neo said...

Thank you, glad you liked it.

Philip said...

The URL is HTML.....It says can't download from the source file when I click on the zip, and the HTML file is just that, when I download it with you have this anywhere else besides 4shared? tx

Neo said...

umm, LEFT click on the file (don't right click) wait for the file info to come, the LEFT click again on the tiny icon that says, "dowload file"

Amaranthine said...

dude U R CRAZY. this is AWESOME.

i love how u make jesus scream it out at the beginning. totally corny. it's beautiful.


Neo said...

Thanks man! I was hoping someone would like that part.

I do wonder if anyone will use it far a Prodigal Son Bible class? Hee hee hee hee

cruz said...

i will! i will!

...only my home might demote me to scrubbing trash cans and toilets afterwards :D

p.s: a little 'neo appreciation': i noticed you always answer your comments. that is so sweet. i hate it when i ask someone something and they don't answer! even if someone says something as simple as 'that was nice', you thank them. i love that. GBY!

Neo said...

Heh, well, PTL. I'll say an appreciation for all those who are not silent. It is exteremely encoraging when someone says they like one of my videos. Even if it's just a "Nice" or "I liked that" it still makes me feel like I'm not wasting my time & that SOMEBODY is actually enjoying it. GBYA!!!