Friday, November 23, 2007

2007- To The Death

300 is one of the more difficult films to make a music video of, because there are very few parts where the speed stays the same for a considerable length of time. But we all must work around that, ha. This will be the last MMV I'll be putting up this year. It turned out quite well in my opinion, one of my best that didn't have a concert mixed in. So come & download & enjoy it, the last one this year. Don't forget to read the lyrics or you won't have a clue as to what the song is saying! So here it is:

TO THE DEATH (small)

Video Rating: 18+

Clips Taken From:
300 -Three Hundred

Listen to what I have to say
Because you are standing still you need
To move out of my way or choose to stand
And fight the war in your life

There’s 2 sides of the fence which will it be
You are my friend or you are my enemy
There’s no such thing no such place as standing still
Choose what to do before you kill or be killed
Wipe the tears from your eyes there’s no time to cry
Wipe the blood off your face its time to rise
Up and fight the doubts inside your mind
Lives are at stake by the power of Satan’s lies

I swear with it with my dying breath.
I will fight to the death

Beware of his words of his lies subliminal
Recognize all his crimes in our lives, Lucifer!
Learn the art of war sharpen swords
Ready for battle for war against demon hordes
We don’t need compromise in our lives
Pull your own weight hold the ranks hold the line
Hands on the plow there is no turning back
Eyes on the goal shun the things of this world

No regrets now
We don't look back
Hands on the plow
There’s no turning back
For it’s in our blood
This is our destiny
In this army I will live and die


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Offensive Warrior - pd_fire at said...

Hey Neo, may I have your e-mail?

Neo said...

Sent it.

Anonymous said...

Coolllllll!!!!!! Man that left Aaron Cross in the dust....dont take it badly ,aaron,we still love you and ure mvs but neo totally beat u on this one....

Neo said...

Geez.....I don't what to say....Thank you!! But I'm a HUGH fan of Aaron Cross. I guess it must've been the LORD!!

Anonymous said...

How did you get the lyrics to "To the Death"? I was wondering, cause I want to get the lyrics to the whole Album.
GBY man!

Neo said...

I have the whole Album's lyrics, got it from Abner. Give me your email & I'll send them

Anonymous said...

Ok, it's
Thanks a lot! And I hope that you had a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year! GBY! And thank you again!

Neo said...

No problem. I hope it helps.

the_philz said...

This mmv was awesome! So hardcore, with the song and all....I prefer this one to the "This is War" version. Your video's rock Neo!

Hey neo can I get all the lyrics for the "To the Death" album from you? my email is --
Thanks a lot.....hope you have a great offensive their in Cam

Neo said...

Thanks so much!
I sent the lyrics to you. Sheesh, you must be like the tenth person I've sent it to, ha

cruz said...

clap clap clap!!! very nicely done!

u have inspired me to make a music video myself. it's a lot of work, but it's really fun.
keep it up neo! love you!

Neo said...

Thank you, GBY.

Anonymous said...

hey do you want to send me the lyrics to bounty of dragons

Neo said...

Sure, what's your e-mail address?

Anonymous said...

hey could u send me the bounty of dragons lyrics, send it to ( thanks a lot gby