Saturday, November 17, 2007

2007- Red

I have yet never had more difficulty in making a music video than this one. Wonder why? Well, the concert in which Steve McNair sang it -well- he sang at almost double the speed of the recording. And the crappy video editing program I use can only slow down half speed, not almost half, heh. So to get it just right was one big headache. But it turned out fairly nicely. Make my labors worthwhile by downloading it & enjoying it, ha ha. So here it is:

RED (small)

Video Rating 14+

Clips Taken From:
AIP Band Night 2006
Countdown To Armaggedon
Farenhiet 9/11
The Final Stand
The Fire Song (TA -hee hee)


Joanna said...

nothing to do with this music video but seeing a few of your and other people's movie music videos. don't you think Lord Of The Rings and Matrix are really quite over used?

Neo said...

Yes they are, & I won't be doing any more!!!!

Sam said...

Liked it Neo by far your best work, kept it fast moving and used the effects well,GBY

Neo said...

Thank you, actually I felt on this one that I had failed somewhat, but your comment really encoraged me!

Scarlett said...

This is great info to know.

Neo said...