Sunday, June 08, 2008

2008 -You Are Alive

Yes, it has happened! I've done it! Finally I have broken out of the rut & made a Loving Jesus music video! I have to say, it is entirely the Lord's doing that made it come out as good as it did. The first half was a real struggle for me, and I was sure that I would have a very hard to do the last two choruses. But around the time of teh lead break, the Lord suddenly punched through & it just flowed. I mean, i did the whole last part in about 5 minuets; and it's teh best part of the video! Praise the Lord! I hope you all enjoy it & remember that you need to love the Man JC intimately. So here it is:


Video Rating: 14+

Clips Taken From:
Wordstock II 2005
Wordstock IV 2007
The Passion of The Christ


cruz said...

oh God (sighs orgasmically) i love this song!! i just have to get this! thanks for making it neo your the best! what other songs are you gonna do?

Neo said...

Why thank you!

Well....I can't really spoil the surprise.....but I'll tell you (cause you're such a good girl :D) that the song With Me (by Niki -also on the You Are Alive LJ album) is currantly in the works.

cruz said...

cool! what videos are you using?
(yes, i am such a good girl {chest swells with pride} oops! it's only jesus :D)

Neo said...

Ahhh, now that I cannot tell you!
Sorry. Must save the surprises.

cruz said...

very nicely done! keep up the good work!

Neo said...

thank you