Saturday, September 05, 2009

2009 -Where Angels Fear To Tread

Neo Productions & BOD/HellRazer are united again for another action packed metal number -and may it not be the last. A heavy movie & a heavy song with a heavy message! This mmv was so difficult to create that I actually quit halfway through & didn't continue for three weeks. It was only the wishes of those who watch these mmvs that made me keep going to continue it, or it would have been the 3rd mmv that I have canceled during production. Thank the Lord I didn't, and thank you all for your support. I hope this one is much better for you to watch than it was for me to create. So here it is:


Video Rating: 18+

Clips Taken From:
Underworld: Evolution
Underworld: Rise of the Lycans

I used to fear the dark
Look behind me to catch the shadows
I used to dread the night
Imagining what was hiding there
A wise man said
Fear not the dark
For darkness fears
The light in your heart
But now the darkest horrors
Won't make me flinch
No longer terrified
I know where I stand
The greatest fear was in my mind
Satans only power
I know who's by my side
And I know who holds my hand

We will tread on serpents
Walk through the gates of hell
laugh in the face of devils
And walk where angels fear to tread

I used to stand on edge
Look behind me to catch the shadows
I used to think in my mind
A thousand eyes were watching from the darkness

I will not fear the terror by night
Nor the arrow that flies by day
I will walk in the valley of shadow
And fear no evil

The Lord is my light and my salvation
Whom shall I fear?
The Lord is the strength of life
Of whom shall I be afraid?


joe said...


Neo said...

How so??

Chris Stayler said...

oh my god! i cant wait! downloading it now.

Neo said...

Let me know what you think of it.

joe said...

hey neo i thot that maybe this video would a little easier 2 understand and more edifying if it had subtitles...............2 make sure ppl knew exactly what it was saying and when. so i made an SRT file (standard subtitle file format), which puts the words in pretty much the right places, 2 accompany ur video. don't know if u want 2 use it?


good mmv, i enjoyed it, put it on 4 devotions. nice touch.

Neo said...

Totally awesome Joe! That is EXACTLY what I need! Please send to my email (I believe you know it?).

Actually, subtitles is something I've wanted to do, but i don't have the know-how or the program. Would you possibly be able to make subtitles for all the metal songs? (To The Death, Prodigal, Make It Home)

Offensive Warrior said...

Well, subtitles are a big help, specially when u have people that don't know/understand english. In a Home I was we had this situations, and that's why the lord put in my heart to do something about it. Please pray for me, will try to make more subtitles, and in other languages, including portuguese, english, and, LW, russian! Maybe Joe could help with the spanish ones?
Please take a look on my youtube and tell me your opinion about it, ok? A big hug to u all there! Keep fighting!

Offensive Warrior said...

BTW, Joe, may I have a copy of this subtitle u mentioned? Like, can u post it somewhere so we can download it? I have the ones from the videos posted on my youtube that I could share with u to make it easier for the spanish thing. what do u think?

Offensive Warrior said...

And NEO, what about some cambodian language subtitles too?

Neo said...

Hey, Offensive Warrior, if you have subtiles in other languages in .srt files, please send them to me & I'll put them up for downloading!
Thanks for your support!

Offensive Warrior said...

Fine. Take a look on my youtube and tell me the ones u want. I have all in portuguese, but, could put them to english easily if u need. BTW, let's try the cambodian ones?

Neo said...

Ok, well, anything in Spanish or Portugese or any other language you can send me the .srt files & I'll put them up.

As far as English goes I would really appreciate it if you or Joe could send me the PROGRAM(s) that you use to make'm so I can work on the whole kit myself.

Cambodian won't be happening cause I don't speak it well enough to translate it & I sure don't read or write it.

Anonymous said...

dude you should put up the hell razer album up for downloading

Neo said...

Going up soon!