Tuesday, December 02, 2008

2008 -Slay Me

It's coming the end of the year & I gotta finish at least 3 more mmvs. Here is the first. From the song "Slay Me" by the awesome band 'Naked'! Stuffed together with some great movie clips, this Endtime mmv will rock your mind. I hope you have as good a time watching it as I had making it. Enjoy. So here it is:

SLAY ME (small)

Video Rating 16+

Clips Taken From:
V for Vendetta
The Final Stand


Anonymous said...

Sounds cool... downloading it :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Neo, great vid, but the V for Vendetta thing, where V get's shot, is a kinda spoiler ... besides that, it's great and I'm really glad you used V for Vendetta, I'd be happy if u used more scenes.

Neo said...

Thanks. V is hard to put in cause its more character study than action -except the view bloody sceanes at the end.

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot, Neo, great MTvs...Where are the other two?

Neo said...

Which one?

Sam said...

Good deal, Neo. Nicely executed. I would like to see more of these MMV's soon. Are there any in the works?

Neo said...

Nothing in the works now -too busy.