Saturday, October 27, 2007

2007- 5th Dimension

I always liked this song. And then I heard the live version from Eurock II. It's got this awsome lead break that was just the thing missing from the original recording. And get this: the Eurock version was such good quality that it almost sounds like a proper recording itself, and there is no crowd sounds at all! So I decided to use the live version for this MMV. This clip is a bit on the heavy side, as I portraid it as it truly is. You'll get the feeling right away, and you'll never wanna get involved with the bloodsucking system! Hope you enjoy it. So here it is:

[English Subtitles] [Portugese Subtitles]

Video Rating 16+

Clips Taken From:
Eurock II 2006
The Animatrix
The Matrix trilogy


Angie Staughton said...

Can you tell me where I can find Masa's album? Thanks!

Neo said...

It's unfortunately no longer availible. It was asked to be taken down.

Anonymous said...

really? i wonder why...

Neo said...

Cause the guy requested it be taken down.

E-Wraith said...

what does that have to do with the mmv? oh, well, its a good 1 anyways.