Saturday, September 22, 2007

2006- Afraid No More

This is the last MMV I did in 2006. It's not one of my better ones, in fact it more like one of my crummy ones, ha. I hit a bit of a low point in my video editing talents at the end of 2006 (as you saw with Alone In The Dark), but praise the Lord it picked up again in 2007, which will come fairly soon. Hope you enjoy this somewhat. So here it is:


Video Rating 16+

Clips Taken From:
The Matrix Revolutions


Anonymous said...

cool! Keep'em coming! Just on Q: Why all the videos in .wmv? Isn't Xvid better for or some other mp4 encoder for quality?

Neo said...

Why the format? Because I don't have a program to convert it into any of those other ones. Also, wmv is worldwide while some of these other formats need extra codec installations which many may not have.

Anonymous said...

Loved it!!!!Especcially the gave alittle suspense....

Neo said...

Thanks so much!

Anonymous said...

God bless you! Hmmm! Ive noticed that a lot of your videos including this one are filled with mostly the action or fighting parts of the movie. I mean its cool to have it in there some of the time but having the fighting part all the time or most of the video is a bit much. Try fitting the video clips in better with the words of the music. I think people would like and respect your videos a lot more if you did that. Also the quality of the videos need to be worked on. Try renting the DVD, then use a DVD ripper and get the parts of the movie you want in DVD quality. GTG!

Peace out!

Neo said...

About the fighting parts: you'll be happy to know that the very next MMV has no fighting at all. This one wasn't very well made in my own opinion.
About the quality: I do get DVDs & rip them. The reason that most of the quality is not the greatest is because have to resise them for the web. Th origional files are generally musch better. (Except in the case of Never & a few others which I used VCDs for)