Saturday, June 09, 2007

2006- Make 'M Bleed

I slapped this one together in about two hours. It is okay, but you'll notice that the timing of the drum beats & the sword hits go very nicely together, ha. It was fun to make. I gave due credit to the female warrior of the film, as well as the way-cool Elf. Like it or not. So Here it is.

MAKE 'M BLEED (small)

Video Rating 14+

Clips Taken From:
The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King


Shae said...

Cool!!!Very cool!!! I liked it!!!
I especcially like the second half of it cuz the scenes wld coresspond alot with the lyrics of the song...u shld do that more often....

Neo said...

The first half was to difficult to corresponed with the words. In Aaron Cross' MMV of this song, he removed the first verse. Glad you liked it, after all its your email!!!!!

Lana said...

Neo oh man it's soooo cool, i love it!!! actually i haven't seen it yet..hee hee

i'm sure it's great though

Neo said...

Silly person. Ask your brother!!